Advanced Variable Data Printing

What Is It?

So what exactly is advanced variable data printing? Well simply put it is the ability to mass produce the same template with personalised text in each text field. Variable Data printing is ideal for example when you need business cards for several different people in an organisation, but do not want to spend time creating the same artwork over and over again. Simply download a sample CSV (Comma separated Value) file and add your specific details for the text fields you require and upload the CSV again that’s it done!
Our dynamic pricing calculator will multiply the number of records in your CSV file with price of one template and give you cumulative order cost.




How to - Advanced Variable Data Printing

For all templates were Advanced Variable Data Printing is available you will be presented with an option button similar to the one pictured below
Upload CSV
If you select yes the screen will show further options as pictured below
Click on “Download Sample CSV For Template”
Follow the on screen prompts for saving options.
If you have not already, open the csv file you just saved
Fill in the CSV file and save it in a convenient location where you can easily find it.
Click on the “Select File” button and follow the on screen prompts to upload the csv file you have just created.
You will now be presented with a summary showing the number of records in the CSV and the calculated cumulative price for the job as pictured below.
You are done, now either continue shopping or proceed to the checkout.